About_picChristopher A. Miller (MA, University of Arizona; MM, Northern Illinois University; BA, University of North Carolina School of the Arts) is an independent archivist, curator, ethnomusicologist, musician, and composer living in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. He has been traveling and conducting research in Southeast Asia for the past 23 years, with extended living periods in both Indonesia and Myanmar. Christopher has previously worked as Southeast Asian Studies Bibliographer for Arizona State University Libraries; Curator of e-kiNETx and Cross-Cultural Dance Resources in Arizona State University’s School of Dance; Curator of Audiovisual Collections for the Musical Instrument Museum; University Archivist at Radford University; and Digital Humanities Coordinator for Virginia Tech Libraries.

Christopher’s graduate work in ethnomusicology in Indonesia (Java) and Myanmar (Yangon and Taunggyi) has constantly expanded into further interests in the role of libraries, archives, and museums in the representation of culture and the performing arts, especially among minority populations, as well as phenomenology. Christopher’s audiovisual and document digitization projects have been funded by the U.S. State Department Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (early Burmese recordings); the British Library Endangered Archives Programme (Pa’O manuscript archive and the same early Burmese recordings); the National Science Foundation (Tai linguistics sound archives of William Gedney with Prof. Thomas J. Hudak); and the Center for Burma Studies (music field recordings of Muriel Williamson).

Christopher is equally at-home on the stage and in the reading room, and his work has intentionally explored the intersections of the archives with knowledge production and artistic performance. In recent years, he has collaborated in a wide range of creative projects: composing sound scores for Indonesian choreographer Fitri Setyaningsih (with shows in the US and Indonesia); populating databases and directing GIS-based culture “walks” for Grisha Coleman’s on-going echo::project work; composing electro-gamelan music for the Sungsang ensemble; co-directing a FUSE act with Boyd Branch; and playing saxophone for Javanese shadow puppeteer Widodo Wilis’ gamelan and kroncong ensembles in the US and around Java.

Christopher also likes to run. See here. And like most runners, he’s convinced that running is deeply connected to all things.

This blog is a project to explore running as a personal practice. It is written primarily with running and runners in mind. But, it will draw from many interests, curiosities, and observations seemingly ancillary to putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes, the entries will be wordy and philosophical. Other times, the entries will look more like art than writing. We’ll see how it goes for a bit . . .

Finally, Christopher loves avocados, the forest, and water. Simple as that. Avocado on a branch.


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